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We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

When we sit down with a family, we have just one goal: to create a fitting, memorable and affordable service for their loved one. Together, we explore the wide variety of services and products available, as well as a wealth of creative ideas and suggestions.

Together, we'll design a memorial or funeral service that suits their needs now, and in the future. Families who come to us know that years from now, they will have deep peace-of-mind because in coming to us, they've done their best to honor their loved one.

Our History

With one foot in the past and one foot in the future, the Daley-Murphy-Wisch & Associates Funeral Home provides their clients with the finest personal care available in Beloit and the surrounding communities.

Their history stretches back  to 1922, when Edward A. Daley purchased a locally-owned funeral home. Joined by Louis P. Murphy in 1950, the two men operated the business together at their location at 816 E. Grand Avenue for the next ten years. In 1960, the home changed ownership when purchased from Mr. Daley by his partners Louis P. Murphy and Richard Wisch. They expanded the firm 18 years later, by taking in Mr. Murphy's son, Jerry, in 1978.

The three men worked well together, and continued to offer professional service and individualized attention to each family they served. But, ten years later, in July of 1988, they found that to continue such personalized attention they required a larger staff. They brought in four new partners, thereby ensuring a consistent quality of service. It was then they incorporated the business, and the name became Daley-Murphy-Wisch and Associates.

More changes were to come in 1991, when the firm moved to its current location, the beautiful building at 2355 Cranston Road, Beloit. The facility includes a lovely chapel, an intimate arrangement room, as well as well-appointed reception and viewing areas. Truly, you are assured a comfortable, soothing experience when you step through the door.

As many of the “old guard” had either passed away or retired, Jerry Murphy purchased the corporation in 2002, and is now the sole owner of Daley-Murphy-Wisch & Associates. In respect to his colleagues now gone, Jerry proudly continues the tradition of excellent personalized attention and professional service to each and every family he serves.

Our Valued Staff

Jerry L. Murphy

Jerry L. Murphy, Owner/Funeral Director

John G. Murphy

John G. Murphy, Business Manager

Heidi L. Murphy

Heidi L. Murphy, Administrative Assistant

Nicole M. Wolf

Nicole M. Wolf, Administrative Assistant

Annelle Murphy

Annelle Murphy, Certified Pre-Planning Counselor

Rana J. Wood

Rana J. Wood, Funeral Director

John P. Vogt

John P. Vogt, Funeral Director

Gary R. Miller

Gary R. Miller, Funeral Director

Pamela S. Nichols

Pamela S. Nichols, Funeral Director

Thomas Scott

Thomas Scott, Funeral Service Assistant

Richard Lenz

Richard Lenz, Funeral Service Assistant

DeCarlos M. Nora

DeCarlos M. Nora, Funeral Service Assistant

Norman L. Starks

Norman L. Starks, Funeral Service Assistant

Alex Simplot

Alex Simplot, Funeral Director